Defining Your Risk Profile

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NOTE: For now, this page only contains links to the resources that support our in-person workshop on negotiation and consent. You are welcome to download and copy these resources for your personal use. (However, please realize that some of the material may not make sense without the context in which they were delivered.) We hope to develop this into a full online workshop soon.

This workshop will discuss the concept of a risk profile, examine its various components, and provide exercises to help you define your own risk profile. While this workshop approaches risk profiles specifically in relation to rope, the concepts can apply to any activity.

In addition, we want to make clear that we do not believe there is “one correct way” to define a risk profile. We created this workshop to provide one possible way to help people begin thinking about the risks they are taking in rope play specifically and BDSM play in general. In our experience, many people use the terms “risk profile,” but often are not clear about what they actually mean by that term. This is our attempt to help bring some clarity to the term, but there are other, equally-valid ways of doing so.

Resources / Links

We often deliver this workshop live. The slides that we use for that presentation are linked and embedded below, as is the workbook we use to help people think through their risk profile. Whether you’re attending live or working through the online-only version, we recommend using the workbook to help you as you move through the workshop. The workbook link will prompt you to make your own copy so that you can complete it online if you wish (or print and complete it by hand if you prefer).

Presentation Workbook
Other organizations: you are welcome to use and/or modify the materials here for the purpose of developing your own workshops on consent and negotiation provided you cite sources and share alike.

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