If you are interested in attending our Refining Your Rope workshop, please complete the form below. Completion of this form will add your name to the list, and we will admit the first 6 tying pairs (or up to 12 individuals) who meet the prerequisites. Additional names will be added to the wait list.

For more information about the workshop, please see this post.

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The primary role you intent to take during this workshop
While you are welcome to focus only on self-tying for this workshop, much of what we address involves working in partnership in rope, so you may not be able to participate in some content without a practice partner.
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Please provide a rough estimate of your active rope experience. We realize this is a very crude metric, but it does provide us with some context. [Ex: If you tied regularly for 2 years, didn't do much rope for one year, but have been tying again regularly for the last year, indicate 3 years (not 4).]
We are interested in the types of rope you practice, the reasons you do rope, the methods you've used to learn so far, the partnerships or groups that you tie within, and your reflections on accomplishments and challenges so far. This is not a "test" with "correct answers" ... we're just genuinely curious to better understand your rope journey so far to help us determine if this workshop would be a good fit for your interests and goals.