Rope Study provides in-person instruction and online support materials to promote risk-aware rope bondage education for tops and bottoms.

We aim to help those interested in rope bondage to gain the skills and understanding of the fundamentals of rope bondage in floor work and partial and full suspension. The primary goal for our in-person courses is to bridge the gap between the entry-level rope skills often learned through peer sharing and online resources and the intermediate to advanced skills often expected of those who want to attend rope conferences, workshops, and intensives.

We’re based in Richmond, VA and provide in-person courses in the fall and spring as well as workshops and private instruction throughout the year. To see our upcoming in-person offerings, please visit the Events page.

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Rope 101

This course provides an introductory overview of the world of rope bondage. It teaches basic concepts and ties to help participants start enjoying rope bondage in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes.

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Groups and other organizations: feel free to use this material to develop your own rope education offerings. We just ask for appropriate attribution.