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The number of online resources for learning more about rope bondage seems to be growing every month, and figuring out where to start can feel a little overwhelming.

To help with this, we’re put together a list of some resources others have found helpful. We don’t pretend to know all of the options out there, so this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. We also don’t make any claims about the accuracy or safety of these resources. Remember, rope bondage can be very dangerous, no matter how safely it’s practiced.

Still, we think you’ll find most of these resources helpful you as you start your rope journey!


Online Articles

FetLife Articles





  • Ropespace – jute rope (local from North Carolina)
  • M0co – jute rope (local from Maryland)
  • MyNawashi – jute and hemp, including very cheap (but good) unprocessed jute rope
  • Karma Rope – “pay what you can” for unprocessed jute
  • Knothead Nylon – nylon rope in various colors
There are many, many other rope vendors out there. We will continue to update this list as we know, through personal experience, that the vendor creates quality product and deals fairly.

Other Resources