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“Line Check: Fundamentals of Up-Line Management” is a one-day, in-person workshop that provides an in-depth, hands-on exploration of up-line management for partial or full suspension.

The workshop will be held on Saturday, February 12th from Noon to 5pm in downtown Richmond, VA. Tickets available now!

The workshop is intended for both tops and bottoms. For rope tops, the goal is to help them successfully and efficiently execute these skills. For rope bottoms, the goal is to help them recognize whether or not these skills are executed successfully and efficiently. We hope this will help both to make better-informed decisions in relation to their risk profiles.

For those just starting to add up-lines to their rope work, this workshop will introduce them to up-line management with hands-on practice and feedback. For those who already have experience working with up-lines, this workshop will help them to check their understanding, examine their technique, and close any gaps they may have in either.

There will be limited dedicated suspension points, but no limit to the number of attendees, making it accessible for those who only want to observe, for bottoms who want to gain more understanding about up-lines to better inform their risk profiles, or for partners or groups to share a suspension point in their learning and practice.

Full details and tickets are available on the event page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.