Rope Study is based in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in the fall of 2015.

We provide in-person instruction and online support materials to promote risk-aware rope bondage education for tops and bottoms. Our purpose is to foster an active, skilled, responsible, and well-informed rope community. We offer instruction designed to move members from beginner to advanced through regular class sessions, workshops, private instruction, and individual study and practice with the support of online materials provided on this site.

Guiding Philosophy

We are directed first and foremost by the “Core Values” that we established when we began Rope Study in 2015. Those principles guide our decisions and practice, and we strive to embody them within the rope community and beyond.

In addition, our guiding philosophy of “tying well, not patterns” means that, instead of merely memorizing and accumulating learned patterns, we focus on understanding and applying the fundamentals of effective rope work with an emphasis on understanding the reasons behind the choices that practitioners make on both sides of the rope. We also prioritize strategies for mitigating risks, making informed decisions about accepted risks, and discovering each person’s path for responsible progression.

We seek to inspire the thoughtful and responsible pursuit of rope bondage, and we consider ourselves life-long learners in that pursuit. We do our best to pass along what we have learned so far, but we make no claims to know all there is to know.

We resist dogma. Yet, while we recognize there is no “one right way” to practice rope, there are irresponsible ways.

We welcome questions. We admit to ignorance and respond to it with inquiry.


Current instructors at Rope Study include:

Ma’iitsoh Yazhi: Fetlife | Instagram | Twitter – Alex (Ma’iitsoh Yazhi) founded Rope Study with Bound Light in the fall of 2015 and has been studying and practicing rope bondage since 2012. Through his studies, he has come to value the importance of fundamentals and an understanding of the choices we make in rope. He also values the importance of the rope community and has been helping to run Rope Bite in Richmond, VA since 2013. His extensive background in education, training, and curriculum development informs his approach to rope education. He also likes taking pictures.

Bound Light: Fetlife | Instagram – Bound Light founded Rope Study with Ma’iitsoh Yazhi in the fall of 2015 and has been practicing rope bondage since 2012. She has studied with and taken classes from many experienced and well-regarded rope tops and bottoms. She’s helped with running Rope Bite since 2014 and has also runs groups for self-tying and acro-shibari. Her background in dance and gymnastics, and her continuing interest in acro-yoga, inform her perspective as a bottom. Her background in education informs her approach to rope education.

Sardonic: Fetlife | Instagram | Twitter – Currently based in Richmond, VA, Sardonic is a rope top, educator, rope maker, and rope care enthusiast. He first found rope in 2012, and it has since become an integral part of his life. Sardonic believes that it is deeply important to understand both the principles and mechanics of how rope moves, how the human body works and the fundamentals of handling and tying. This creates the opportunity to focus less on the rope, and more on the connection, the unspoken conversation, between partners. He believes that when we tie, we are tying people, rope is simply the tool we use to achieve this.

Alina: Fetlife | Instagram | Twitter – Alina is a sadomasochistic, queer switch, with a passion for creating safer spaces for individuals of all backgrounds to explore, discuss, analyze, and experience kink. She has been involved in kink for three years, focusing primarily on needle play/blood play, impact, knife play and rope. She enjoys mixing and incorporating different types of play with rope, and believes that kink is best experienced through a framework of combined self-reflection, self-compassion, and good communication. As a presenter, she enjoys helping to facilitate learning through sharing and discussion of ideas and experiences.