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We are available to work with you in one-on-one or small-group private instruction sessions to study any rope-related skills or concepts you’d like. Further details and explanation below.

Scheduling Time

If you would like to schedule private lessons with us, please use the form linked below to begin the planning and scheduling process.

We set a minimum of 1 hour per session, though we generally recommend at least 2 hours per session (depending on the topic or skill level). We typically have availability some weekday evenings and occasional weekends with advance notice.

We hold classes and private instruction in the small rope studio at our home.

Note: since private instruction typically happens at a private residence, we may ask for references or to meet you at a public event if we don’t already know you.


Our pricing is different for one-off sessions than for continuing sessions:

  • For one-off sessions, we ask $50 per hour.
  • For ongoing sessions, we ask $30/hour when paying for 6 or more hours in advance. (This gives you a “bank” of hours that you can use over time for 1 or 2 hour sessions.)
  • If the cost is prohibitive, please contact us. While we do want to value our time so that we can continue to offer instruction, we also want that instruction to be accessible to all serious students of rope. We will be happy to make other arrangements as needed.

Sharing Time

You can share time, and the related cost, with up to 3 other participants if you wish (4 people max). While this can greatly reduce the per-person cost, it does mean working on similar concepts together and moving at a similar pace. But we leave that decision to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience are private lessons appropriate / best for?

Any level, from beginner to advanced. We enjoy working with people brand new to rope as much as working with more experienced practitioners.

Do I need to bring my own rope / equipment?

Please do if you already own rope and/or equipment. However, we recommend that you don’t buy any new rope if you’re brand new to rope bondage and don’t have any already. We will discuss options during our session, but you will want to get some soon after we start working together in order to practice. Similarly, if we will be working on suspension together, you may want to wait to explore various options with us before purchasing anything new.

Do I need a partner?

Unless you are focusing exclusively on self-tying, we recommend that you have one or more people with whom you can practice, both during and between our meetings together. Without practice between sessions, it will be difficult to advance in the skills we’ll be working on.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we’d be happy to. We encourage you to reach out to anyone who has studied with us in the past. You can typically find people at Rope Bite and other RVA Rope functions who have worked with us, or by browsing our various social media accounts. However, we are also happy to provide specific names if you’d prefer. Just send us a message.

If you have other questions, please contact us directly. Thank you!