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We are currently accepting applications for the “Tying Well, Not Patterns” weekend intensive (June 1-2, 10am to 5pm each day).

Learn more about the event here!

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Experience & Pre-Requisites

While we will use the information below to help determine eligibility for this workshop, no answer will automatically eliminate you from consideration, so please answer truthfully and fully. We will take into consideration the amount of space and the overall experience level of all attendees when making final decisions.


If accepted into the workshop, are you able to attend both days of the workshop?
If accepted into the workshop, are you able and willing to pay $150 per tying pair (cost includes both days of workshop)?
While your answer to this question will have NO IMPACT on your acceptance into the workshop, we cannot guarantee scholarship for all applicants.
I have read, understood, and agree to the Rope Study Expectations
Please review the Rope Study Expectations before submitting your application. No really … please actually read them carefully first!