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Collected on this page are online-learning resources that you may find helpful while you are practicing social distancing. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all available resources, and it’s very likely we’ve missed some great ones. We will update as we learn more, and we encourage you to contact us if you know of excellent resources that we’re missing.

Please use with some caution. While we try to only list sources we consider reputable, we have not personally reviewed all content listed here.

  • – Gorgone’s site. She’s tied and tied with many of the best, and we’ve found her to be an excellent teacher. She also brings in others to the site to share their knowledge and skills. Videos are high-quality. We recommend these free videos:
    • Basic Safety – these videos provide a good, visual review of similar information from the Rope 101 course
    • Bodycare for Rope – this series of videos provides excellent information about preparing for rope and taking care of your body; related, also see the Hands Check video and the Bottom-Focused TK Lab videos.
  • – Topologist has collected a vast amount of information about rope bondage on his site. The safety and other beginner information and videos are excellent. He does wander freely from more “pure” Japanese approaches, working more in the “fusion” category of rope bondage, but his principles are sound (if sometimes overly-complex).
  • Rope 365 – This is Ebi McKnotty’s collection of “rope exercises” that build from easy to progressively more complex.
  • Clover‘s Rope Bottom Guide is an excellent starting resource for bottoms (that tops should also read). Clover has also been doing a Rope Bottom School Live series that looks amazing. I’ve not tried to look into if anyone can attend it or not, but she has always been a great advocate for sharing information with as many fellow rope bottoms as she can.
  • Evie Vane’s books: The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up and Better Bondage for Every Body are both excellent sources of information for bottoms … and information that tops should also know!
  • – There are a number of free videos on this site as well. Bruce has been doing this for a long time, studied with some of the original greats, and has been teaching through videos since the 2000s. He’s a bit of a crotchety old guy with strong opinions, and some of the information and perspectives are a bit dated, but still worth your time. In particular:
    • Bondage Safety
    • 12+ Ways to Tie a Single Column – makes the point about the creation of the wraps and how that changes the knots; in our opinion, “handedness” doesn’t matter (except that you should be able to tie cuffs with either), but the direction the wraps travel (over/under and right-to-left or left-to-right) is what you should be paying attention to, regardless of the hand you use
    • 10 Pro Tips: Single-Column Tie – good tips here; in our experience, both reef and granny knots are collapsible and both, when collapsed, can allow the standing end of the rope to slide through the knot and create a self-tightening cuff
    • And others …
  • Noble Rope Arts – there are two free videos here worth spending time with: “Basic Rope Safety Tutorial” and “Nine Single Column Ties and When to Use Them”
  • Ruminating has created a Rope Writing Library on Fetlife that is sorted by topic where you can find many great writings.
  • The Rope Bottom’s Roundtable and Ask a Rope Bottom groups on Fetlife both have a lot of interesting information. These are great places where you can post your own questions and get feedback from other ropey people.
  • IPCookieMonster has a few videos directed at bottoms:
  • Many people are posting great information on Instagram right now (check their IGTV channels) including:
    • Fuocofet (we have a lot of respect for her general approach to education and her particular efforts at advancing bottoming education)
    • StudioKokoro (Wykd Dave and Clover have been pushing rope education forward for many years and offer excellent guidance on both sides of the rope)
    • AnatomieStudioLondon
    • NotCamDamage

If you’re looking for more, our neighbors at DC Rope are collecting additional online options here.