Hello! You’ve probably come to this page because someone has applied to one of our courses and listed you as a reference.

We teach classes in rope-bondage art in a small-group setting at a private rope studio. The classes are designed for a serious study of rope and ask participants to attend multiple classes over a period of 6 months, to complete readings and reflections between classes, and to practice regularly each week. You can learn more about those classes here: Rope 201 and Rope 301.

Our primary concern for an applicant is that they are trustworthy and have strong consent practices. Since the classes are held in a small group at a private studio, we need to ensure that the applicant can be trusted to respect the privacy and confidentiality of others and will be conscious and respectful of the desires and limitations of others.

We are also interested in their reliability because they will be working with a group, over an extended period of time, attempting to learn a nuanced and sometimes-complex skill. Both instructors and other participants will expect the applicant to put in their best effort to prepare for each class, to arrive on time so as not to delay the class, and to be present and engaged in the work.

We would greatly appreciate your honest impression of this person, particularly in regards to their trustworthiness, safety, and consent practices. We will never reveal the content of your response, nor will we indicate which of their various references did or did not respond to this form.

Your preferred name.
Your email address in case we need to ask any follow-up questions.
The preferred name of the person for whom you are submitting this reference.
(1 = Untrustworthy ... 5 = Very Trustworthy) In general, how much can they be relied on to follow-through on commitments, to protect the privacy of others, to respect the requests of others, and to abide by the rules of an organization?
(1 = Poor ... 5 = Excellent) In general, how consistently and honestly does the applicant approach the concept of consent with others (meaning they proactively ensure the interactions they are having with others are desirable and that they positively respect the limitations others may set on their interactions)?
(1 = Poor ... 5 = Excellent) In general, how likely is the applicant to follow through with commitments, complete tasks, exhibit timeliness, etc.?
What else should we know about this person in terms of their readiness to attend an in-depth study of rope bondage in a small-group setting at a private residence?