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This weekend, we finally made some more progress on the shed thanks to more wonderfully kind and helpful friends.

We spent all of Saturday working, but despite all the time and effort, nothing “looks” all that different yet. Instead, we did a lot of small things that were necessary to do before we can get to hanging the drywall. Namely: we added fire block insulation around the seams and eaves, sealed all the windows and other holes and gaps, did some re-wiring to add a light and light-switch for an outside light and move the ceiling lights further up, and started framing out the ceiling to hold the lights and hang the drywall.

Our next major step will be to finish framing out the ceiling to get it ready for drywall and install the ceiling lights. After that, we’ll be adding the insulation and hanging the drywall. The final phase will be adding the floor, finishing the doors, and making things nice with paint, curtains, and the like. Getting closer!

If you missed it, check out Update 1 and the process of getting the suspension beams installed!

Thanks again to the many amazing friends who have donated their time, energy, and other resources to make this shed conversion happen. Also thanks to those who have donated to our GoFundMe Campaign to help off-set the cost of this project. We are very grateful to you all!

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