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The good news: the wiring is complete and the ceiling is completely framed out and ready for drywall.

The bad news: the studs in the shed are 24″ on center. The standard is 16″ on center. That means insulation isn’t available in stores and has to be special ordered, and the order won’t come in until Feb. 4th. So, we’ve got the order in for the insulation and drywall, and as soon as it comes in, we’ll be ready to go.

After that, painting, floors, and decorative touches will be all that’s left!

If you missed it, check out Update 1 and Update 2.

Thanks again to the many amazing friends who have donated their time, energy, and other resources to make this shed conversion happen. Also thanks to those who have donated to our GoFundMe Campaign to help off-set the cost of this project. We are very grateful to you all!

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