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Fallout needs your help! If you value having a kink/fetish club in central VA, please consider helping! Options below …

We’re donating proceeds from print sales

From now through Easter, proceeds from the sale of ALL PRINTS at Maiitsoh Yazhi’s Print Shop will go directly to Fallout to help them survive the negative financial impact of COVID-19. In addition, all sales over $50 will qualify for a 10% discount on the entire order. Just use this coupon code at checkout: FALLOUT.

Other ways you can help

  • GoFundMe – You can donate here to help ensure Fallout is able to return
  • Venmo – You can send to @JackieBishopWells for personal donations to owners Jackie and Pete, general donations to Fallout, or donations for a specific bar staff member. Just make a comment indicating to which of those you are donating.
  • Buy things – Swing by the bar in their new open hours (6pm-12am) to buy to-go food, gift cards, and merchandise. You can also buy merchandise online here!
  • Write your legislators – Use the information in this article about the restaurant industry to make sure that our local restaurants and bars receive the stimulus package support they need not to go out of business.
  • Share this post – use the short-link:

For more information, see this post on Fetlife.

Why we’re trying to help and think you should, too

Fallout has been the center of the Richmond, VA kink and fetish scene for the past ten years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that, without their generosity and support, the rope scene in Richmond may not have grown the way it has. There certainly would have been no RVA Rope or Rope Study without them.

Speaking personally, we’ve benefited more times than we could count from the support the club and its owner, Jackie, has shown to us over the years as we grew the local Rope Bite into RVA Rope and developed Rope Study. We’ve also long admired the way Jackie built and protected a welcoming and open space for everyone interested in kink and the fetish scene.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is cutting into an already thin profit margin for the club, and anyone with an interest in kink or fetish in the central VA area should be concerned about that. This is the only club of its type within over an hour from Richmond, VA, and it would be a great loss if it should close.

While we recognize there are other serious and legitimate concerns right now, we hope that those who have the means will consider also helping Fallout to survive the impact of this virus.

As for us, besides donating what we can, we’ve decided to donate any and all profits from the sale of Maiitsoh Yazhi’s print photography to Fallout during this time. We are considering other ways that we can help (virtual private lessons? we’re open to other ideas?), and we will update this page when and if that changes.

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