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The most technically challenging part of this process was designing, creating, and installing the steel beams that will act as the suspension points. But the most difficult and frustrating part has definitely been mudding and sanding the drywall!

We watched a lot of “how to” videos on drywall, and it looked really easy when the pros did it. Reader: we are not pros. At one point, we probably had more joint compound on our jeans than on the correct places on the wall. And corners. Corners are apparently the devil’s playground.

But despite all of that, we eventually did get the joints sealed, the corners filled, the whole thing sanded … three times over. And then we primed it. And yes, there are lots of minor imperfections, and some of our corners are still pretty bad. But … we did it, and it’s a shed. And if you’re in the rope shed and find yourself worrying about minor imperfections in the drywall, you are not using the rope shed correctly!

So, our next steps are to put on the topcoat of paint, finish and seal the doors, install the floors, and do some decorating. We hope to have the place fully ready for classes soon. And then we just have to wait to see when we can actually have in-person classes again .

If you missed it, check out Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, and Update 4.

Thanks again to the many amazing friends who have donated their time, energy, and other resources to make this shed conversion happen. Also thanks to those who have donated to our GoFundMe Campaign to help off-set the cost of this project. We are very grateful to you all!

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